Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Busy day out and about...

I've committed to writing everyday, however just a warning, today is one of the days I have no energy to do so...

We headed to Mansfield about 9.30am this morning for me to get my blood test (see Mystery health issue).  Yes, I took them all with me again.  We managed though and the boys did really well.  They loved seeing me get the blood test...especially when the nurse said some people call her a vampire!
After that we headed to the playground, where being school holidays there were kids everywhere! I love how easily the boys make friends wherever they go, especially Dylan. 

The boys in the waiting room at the Dr's...note Ethan in the toy tub in the background...

Ethan's big tower

Jayden loved playing cars

We grabbed Subway for lunch and headed to the Botanic gardens to eat and play.  They are building a fantastic little children's garden there and in the sandpit was a whole lot of little sandpit toys.  How great that they have been left there for kids to play with.  The boys loved it. My phone battery died so I didn't have any photos. 

Then we headed to the Optometrist where Louis, Dylan and I had our eyes tested.  The boys eyes are all good and mine are stable (I'm majorly short sighted).  After Jayden broke my last glasses about a year ago I have been relying on contacts everyday, however today I splurged and ordered myself some new glasses.  I'm really looking forward to picking them up in a couple of weeks, but wow glasses are SO expensive!

So, we finally headed home at around 2.30pm.  A quick call to my Mum to say Happy Birthday, a quick call to my brother and Sister-in-law to organise an organic food order (check out Honest to Goodness ) and then the afternoon has gone by in a blur...

The boys are still up at 8.00pm partly because it's school holidays and partly because I haven't mustered up the energy to get them to bed.  Won't be long now though because I'm looking forward to curling up and reading Justin Coulson's new book "What your child needs from you" that I received in the mail yesterday!  I will put a post together soon on my thoughts of it. 

So there you go, a thrilling blog post today recounting our exceptionally exciting day!  The best part was all of the cuddles and kisses that I received...but then again that's my favourite part every day.

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