Friday, September 28, 2012

Blood test results...

I nervously called up the medical clinic this morning for my blood test results.  The nurse started reading through saying that everything seemed within a healthy range.  Iron and Ferritin levels were good (woo hoo considering I'm vegetarian!), blood sugar - good, cholesterol - great (take that all you chemical margarine producers - I'm an egg, butter, full fat milk, yoghurt and cheese eating girl!), B12 - good. Vitamin D - LOW!

So overall, I'm apparently a very healthy individual with very low Vitamin D.  Which led me to some interesting research...

*Low vitamin D is linked with depression and anxiety (yes, I'm a google Dr...I find it very interesting that usually natural health sites say one thing while the medical sites usually deny it - I'd rather trust the natural sites to be honest!) 

So, wearing my Dr hat right now, could it possible be the cause of my mystery illness??

I called my naturopath straight away and organised to pick up a therapeutic dose of Vitamin D to get started on straight away.  I highly recommend seeing a naturopath for any health concerns, even if it's just a second opinion aside from your Dr.  So many illnesses can be managed by diet and supplementation, and I truly believe the longer anyone stays off medication the better.

So the measures I'm taking to try and increase my health and wellness right now include:

*Exercise - Treadmill at the moment, with some stretching and at home Yoga thrown in. 
*Sleep - My biggest challenge as I'm a night owl...I'm endeavouring to be in bed fast asleep by 11 - 11.30pm
*Nutrition - Lemon water, Breakfast smoothie (I'll do a post on this soon - it's AMAZING), Salads for lunch, drink lots of water, Veggies and healthy grains for dinner, eggs, LIMIT wheat, dairy,  packaged foods NO coke or tea to limit caffeine intake.
*Supplements - I'm on Vitamin D, Occasional Spirulina tablets, Premular (herbal remedy for hormone balancing)
*Wellbeing - Taking time to relax and not push myself too hard right now.  Spend time doing a little relaxation and meditation.
*Attitude - Working on being grateful, accepting those around me and loving them, accepting myself,  not taking things personally, living with intention and purpose...I could go on as this list is a post in itself!

On a separate note, we had our Friday night movie night tonight with the boys.  We watched "Antz" which is an old movie, but the boys hadn't seen it. 

The boys really don't care what movie we watch, it's the novelty of eating dinner in the lounge room (dessert sometimes as well) and snuggling up on the couch afterwards.  It really is something they look forward to each week and is a great family ritual for us.

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