Wednesday, October 3, 2012

There's no place like home...

We're home again after heading down to my Mum's house last Saturday!  As much as we all enjoy our visit (usually in the school holidays) we all enjoy heading home also.

I managed to get a fair bit done:

*Shopped for a certain boys upcoming birthday presents
*Attended a 21st Birthday party with Michael (My beautiful Aunty Nella surprised us by babysitting the boys at the last minute! We were so grateful and the boys loved seeing her)

Dylan, Aunty Nella, Jayden, Louis and Ethan

*Shopping trip with Louis for some new summer clothes, stop for Nori rolls and to McDonald's to pick up all the latest Hotel Transylvania toys (the manager managed to find 5 of them for us - we're just missing the vampire!)
Louis is on the ground after just having come down the slide, Dylan is jumping out and Ethan is over near Michael ready to climb up and do it again...I believe Michael is looking for Jayden - Lol...

*Trip to Hungry Jacks for a play at the playground
*Trip to movies to see "Hotel Transylvania"

Ethan, Jayden and Dylan snuggling up with Nanna...

*2 x 3am talks with my Mum
Louis with his new haircut

*Haircuts for us all (thanks Mum!)
*Visit to an amazing lady to work on my anxiety
*Trip to the biggest Coles for a food top up with Jayden and Ethan who insisted on carrying the basket...It was so big that I couldn't find the bread...I gave up and headed to Bakers Delight that was just outside...
*Trip with Dylan to an awesome place called Resource Rescue which has the most amazing range or crafty, creative offcuts...
Dylan getting stuck into some nori rolls

*On same trip with Dylan managed a quick browse through an op shop, stop for some nori rolls and a turn on a shopping centre ride
*Louis, Ethan and Jayden who were home had a visit by my sister and niece, then we all said goodbye to Nanna and had a...

That's Dylan right up the top!!

*Visit to Montrose Playground - all I can say is WOW!  The boys loved it, although the sun was out and they weren't dressed accordingly so were happy to stop and get icypoles on our way to...
*A visit to their cousins house!  So cute to see the boys get along so well with their cousins...lots of fun and mayhem to be had. 

After all of that, the boys slept all of the way home.  Michael had dinner ready which was so appreciated, and the boys stayed up for a cuddle with him and I fell fast asleep by 8.30pm.  It was so needed and I felt so much more refreshed this morning.

The sun was out today and it was gorgeous.  The boys loved hanging about at home and had a cool off under the sprinkler.  There is nothing better than seeing them all playing so nicely together.  Warms my heart.

My sunflower seeds that were thriving last week were nearly dead today despite having plenty of water.  I am a novice, amateur gardener so I basically have no idea what I'm doing but I figured they needed re-potting.  They were only in egg cartons and sure enough when I pulled one out, the roots were trying to grow through the cardboard...hopefully I have managed to save 5 of them but only time will tell.

My boys have gone through some varying emotions this last few days...I have seen them at lows that have me worried at times.  They lash out, releasing their emotions and saying all sorts of nasty words.  I have had to breathe deeply and not take on their emotions myself.  I have to remind myself that it's about them and not me.  I have to remember not to react and instead be the stable and strong mother that they need.  It is only then that they will be able to release their emotions and heal from them rather than increase the hurt.  As mothers, it is hard to hear anger from our children at times.  It can trigger us and we can try and use power and control to quieten them.  We can easily withdraw our love by using time outs, and punish them for being unable to express their emotions in a healthy way.  How though, do these ways teach our children to express themselves in a healthy way?  They don't.  The sad thing is, it often alienates them even more, it encourages them to bury their emotions or become children that mold their feelings and personalities to please their parents, all the while increasing their unhappiness.  This is a work in progress for me right now, but I can say from my experience, that often after these lows, where they are safe to express their hurts and disappointments, we are closer and stronger than ever before.  Children are so vulnerable when they are hurting and it is often then as parents, that we poor salt on the wound.  They just want to be heard, understood and loved (as does everyone) and I can see how powerful this is to the emotional wellbeing of my children.  I feel so much gratitude that I'm learning this skill now.

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