Monday, October 29, 2012

Louis's Halloween Party!

Yesterday we held Louis's Halloween Party for his school friends.  It was SO much fun.  The kids had a ball playing on the jumping castle and some of the costumes were amazing!  

Our halloween watermelon...much better suited to our season in Victoria and very easy to carve!

All lit up...

Scary skeletons...

and ghosts...

Caution crime scene DO NOT ENTER

Trick or Treat...

Louis  and his friend Ryan who went to a great effort to get dressed up! 

All of the kids in front of the jumping castle!  They loved it!

A few tips that I would share when hosting a party include:

1. Enough adult helpers for the number of kids attending.  We ended up with 2 extra Mums that decided to stay and hang around and it was really helpful.

2. Write names on drink cups. 

3. Take a photo with the birthday child with each guest and the presents they brought (of course, you can take a photo with each child without a gift as well) I found this a great way to remember who gave them what as they open presents in a mad frenzy!

4. Have lots of easily prepared food so you don't have to spend much time in the kitchen!

5. Make sure you have contact numbers for each child's parents.  I've noticed that as the kids get older, they get dropped off at the party and picked up later, however for children of this age (7yo) they can still be a little unsure of a new house, new adults around and can be easily overwhelmed with a lot of kids.  Also, you never know when someone may have an accident! Luckily all was OK at Louis's party however we did have the need for 2 band aids, a strained arm and Ventolin for an asthmatic (luckily they gave me a run down before they left of what to do!) 

It was a heap of fun and Louis loved having all of his friends around!  I love making these special memories for my boys. 

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