Friday, October 5, 2012

Friday night movie night - Home Alone 2

So, I'm not really sure how many posts I've written on our movie nights now, so I'm going to number them for the ease of post titles. 

We were all looking forward to this weeks pick of "Home Alone 2: Alone in New York" after the first movie was a hit a few weeks ago.  Sure enough they loved it.  Well, except for Jayden who fell asleep after about 20 minutes snuggled up to his Daddy.

They loved the humour although at times some parts seemed a little scary.  The movie ended with me needing to reassure them that they would never be left alone like that followed by loud re-enactments of many scenes. 

Poor Dylan had a really bad nightmare last night and slept in our bed.  Even though he's 5 I'm happy for him to gain comfort from me in that way.  By 3.30am Jayden had joined him as well.  I'm so glad we bought a king size bed a couple of years ago! A few months ago Ethan was crawling into our bed every night.  It probably lasted about a month and now he's happily back to sleeping in his own bed again.  As Mum and Dad we are such a comfort to our children.  After having my boys so close together I sometimes forgot how little they all still were!  When Jayden was born Ethan was only 16 months, Dylan 2 years and 11 months and Louis was 4 years and 5 months.  Louis has always been so responsible it was easy to expect more from him, however I see how important it is now that he is given the opportunity to be "the little kid" that he still really is.   

I've been trying to finish this for the last hour, poor little Jayden had woken up with a night terror and couldn't be settled very easily.  He's back fast asleep for now and I believe I won't be far behind him.

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