Friday, October 12, 2012

Scouts and my crazy boys...

Louis had his first visit to Scouts this week.  He was very excited and loved it. They played games and learnt some basic first aid (Louis came home with a bandaid on his arm).  It's in Benalla, which is about 45min away from us so a good opportunity to head to Aldi to stock up on the basics as well!

Dylan loved the look of it as well and is very keen to join in when he turns 6 next year.

Louis having a kick in the Scout hall

The 4 of us sat and watched Louis for a while to see how he settled in...these photo's are what happens when my boys sit still for a few minutes...

 Yesterday, I was having a clear out of the boys bedrooms and as fast as I could pack items away Jayden was pulling them could I be irritated at this little face though?

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