Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Healthy protein shake for energy and vitality...

I'm not a morning person.  I've probably written that about 20 times now.  It's a struggle constantly as I'm a natural night owl.  Unfortunately that doesn't really work out to well these days although there are plenty times I push it and stay up until 12-1am and then need to find lots of ways to boost my energy levels the next day. 

I've been trying to limit my wheat and dairy intake somewhat and boosting my consumption of healthy, nutritious foods so this is now what breakfast looks like most mornings.

Cyndi O'Meara's Protein Shake (slightly altered to my preferences)

Starting off with 30g Organic oats and 30g pesticide free almonds in the Thermomix and grind for 10 seconds. 

Add 1 banana, 1 cup fruit (I prefer fresh strawberries, however I always have frozen berries just in case), a handful of kale if I have any and one small tray of ice.

Then add 1 tbsp of Colloidal minerals and 1 tsp Green powder - I use organic barleygrass

 1 tbsp organic flax oil or organic coconut oil (seriously, my skin and hair feels so good when I add this)

Finally, 1 tbsp honey, 1/4 c organic oat milk and a little filtered water.

 Ready to blend for about 30 seconds...I use my Thermomix obviously but I assume a food processor would achieve similar results...

Looks great doesn't it? 3 out of 4 of my boys drink this smoothie as well so I sometimes add a splash more oat milk and water to make them a small cup each as well.  This honestly keeps me full all morning until lunchtimes and it tastes so good. 

Vegetarian, wheat free, dairy free and raw! (Although depending on the oats purchased may still contain gluten)

There are heaps of variations in the cookbook so of course you can play around depending on your tastes.  If there's one thing I've learnt if you want to eat healthy is that it has to taste good.  It's impossible to maintain something if you think it's disgusting!  

Visit Changing Habits for amazing recipes, health reports and products from Cyndi O'Meara.  She is just such an inspiration in health and nutrition. 

You can also check out the Thermomix website to learn about this awesome gadget.  It is expensive but I LOVE mine, I use it everyday!

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