Sunday, October 28, 2012

My computer challenge week 1

Lately, I've been trying to find ways for my family to connect and to stay close.  Family is the most important part of my life and I want that to reflect in how I spend my time. 

I can honestly (regretfully) say that I'm sure there were plenty of times my children have felt that I have not put them first.  Sadly, they may even say I have at times spent more time on the computer (facebook, blog reading etc) than I have playing/interacting with them.

When I think of this I feel really sad at the lost hours and days that I could have been loving on my children, teaching them, getting creative, just hanging out and getting outdoors. 

I know I have spent too much time on the computer due to avoiding my responsibilities around the home, zoning out, feeling the need for time alone and also reading, learning and researching on my personal growth journey. 

While I can't go back and change how much time I've wasted on the meaningless stuff, I can make changes now. 

My challenge for myself is to no longer spend time on the computer between the hours of 7am and the boys bedtime. 

If I need to do some research with the boys, or look up a recipe I will do it on Michael's computer to avoid the urge to check email or facebook. 

Part of this is also due to my concern with how much my boys spend on electronics (computer/ipad/tv/Wii) and I feel like before I start moaning about how much time they spend on it, I better pull my finger out and make the changes as well! I'm not completely opposed to them spending their spare time playing, however I just want to encourage other types of play as well. 

Louis my little gamer boy when he was about 3...sitting there with no pants on! Lol...(dont' mind the mess in the background...I used to be a hoarder who was very unorganised!)

I'm so interested to see what this week will bring.  I have already lowered my computer time considerably in the last month however to drop it completely will be eye opening.  I will be so interested to see how this impacts on my family, my relationship with my children and the time I'll have to work on other projects and goals. 

I will post an update at the end of the week letting you know how I go!

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