Sunday, October 7, 2012

First steps to organisation...hopefully...

Back to school and kinder tomorrow for the kiddies.  Monday is my busiest day by far. We live about 23km out of town which only takes about a 15min drive due to the 100km speed limit.  I usually drop Louis at school and then Dylan and Ethan at kinder by 8.45am. 

In theory at least...I very rarely make it in time.  I'm so not a morning person.  At all. 

Jayden and I hang around and run some errands until 11.30am when I pick Ethan up, then we head home for lunch.  Then we all jump in the car again to pick Dylan up by 2.15pm.  Then home again.  Then walk to the bus stop at 4pm to get Louis. 

So because of my perpetual running late in the mornings I know I've got to make a big effort to be more organised. 

So this evening I started by:

1. Kitchen clean, sink shining (as per Flylady step 1)

2. School bags packed, uniforms ready for the morning.  Jayden was so cute packing a kinder bag as well, he even put a banana in there! The cupboard was used for clothes before we changed the boys rooms around so I just turned it sideways to use it locker style like this.  

3. Lunches made for Louis, Dylan and Michael.  (Ethan only needs to take fruit to kinder so it's already in his bag)

4. To-do list/Schedule ready to go. 
I have a clipboard and I print off a month or 2 of the daily calendars from Outlook.  I find this way perfect for all of the daily tasks, routines and fun stuff that I want to fit in (although I do have a diary I use also from Kikki-k - check out the 2013 version here)  I also have a monthly calendar up on my pinboard that I've been printing from outlook, however I'll be looking for a larger style for the whole family to see for 2013.  Any suggestions?

So these are my first steps.  Nothing out of the ordinary however I know it will make a world of difference to my organisation in the mornings.  This will set off my day smoothly and stress free as well as my boys. I know the difficulty is in consistency and not letting it all go after a few weeks (days?) but we'll see how I go!

Do you have any other tips for morning (or night before) organisation? 

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