Thursday, October 11, 2012

Naturopath update...

I saw my Naturopath tonight for the results of my body composition and health analysis.  Wow - what an insight to how much body is functioning. 

Some of the nitty gritty details included:

Carrying 3 litres of excess fluid (3kg)
9% too much body fat
Carrying about 12kg of extra weight
My muscle quality is slightly low - I could stand to gain 1kg more muscle
Hydration levels were marginal

Based on these factors my "real age" is 35.

Deep breath...

Although I know that I've gained weight after having Jayden when you see it all written down in black and white like that it makes it very real.  I really don't want to have to worry about my poor body feeling 35 when I'm only 31! 

I highly recommend visiting your local Naturopath if you're feeling like you're body is struggling in any way or you're carrying extra weight.  The information I have gained from these visits is invaluable and you will not learn half of this from a GP.  Dr's don't study nutrition, so it is not their area of expertise.  A Naturopath will look at all of your concerns in a holistic way and get down to the bottom of it.  I'm so glad that I have started this path to wellness with the guidance of my amazing Naturopath

It is baby steps for me now, trying to integrate exceptional nutrition into our daily diets.  I find it easy to fall into a bit of a default of "easy" food when I'm busy or tired, however making small changes often can make all the difference. I believe it is about being mindful of the food choices I'm making.  Setting an intention that the food I consume has a purpose nutritionally (and still tastes good).

I will have another assessment in about 4 week and see if I've made some improvements! 

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