Saturday, October 20, 2012

Beautiful spring day...

Today was the kind of day you wake up, the sun is shining and you want to spend all day on projects!  Michael made a start on my new vegie garden (post coming soon) and then decided he would put up a rope swing for the boys.  This meant cutting some branches off a huge gum tree we have in the back yard.  

The boys were very impressed with his climbing ability...

Dylan had the best view as the branches came falling down

They boys were super helpers dragging the branches away having a clean up...made the job a lot quicker when there were 5 of us. (Ethan did a runner back inside, didn't like the look of this particular clean up!) 

Dylan having the first ride

The boys were super grateful for all of Dad's hard work and it was the hit of the afternoon.  I'm so grateful to have a husband that is so handy.  I certainly have no complaints having a tradesman for a husband!  

I just absolutely love this weather.  I'd decided a BBQ was in order for dinner and that it was so nice we should eat it outside. 

Yummo asparagus on the BBQ

Yes, Jayden is naked...he undressed on purpose and jumped around stating the fact...2 minutes later he was cold and needed to sit on Michael's knee.  Crazy kid!

Overall it was just one of those relaxed, carefree days that are just so dreamy.  It's my idea of absolute bliss where we are all hanging around, happy, having fun.  My heart could burst sometimes seeing everyone enjoying themselves and content, filling their tummies with food. 

Having my children and creating this life for them is the most rewarding, fulfilling thing I could ever imagine. 

When Michael and I moved in together at age 18, I remember consciously thinking I would like the cooking and cleaning and mundane jobs that I had seen my Mum struggle with in the later years (while also working extreme hours and dealing with a failing marriage).  I remember thinking I would do it and I would like naive!  It has taken me 12 years of us living together (married for 9 of those), 4 children and a tree change to the country to finally get to that place.  I've let go of my issues and past conditioning and I can truly appreciate what I have and can see it now how I always dreamed.

So yes, it is these simple moments that mean the most to me...moments that are easy to enjoy when we stop expecting more or better or different...

This quote says it all...I definitely started watering my own grass and it has turned into the most beautiful garden.  The weeds are pulled and the flowers are standing tall and bright.  The sun is shining and it is growing and flourishing.  There will always be the occasional cloudy day, and this is OK, because I know the sun will shine bright again after...

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