Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Sunday hike

Easter Sunday after they boys consumed far too much chocolate than I care to mention we headed up to our block for a hike up the back hill.

The hill isn't part of our land but we headed up anyway.  It was such a beautiful day and I was so proud that all of the boys, even Jayden made it up and down all by themselves!  

The boys love playing at the house excavation...all that dirt and rocks!

Louis and Ethan having a rest and enjoying the view

Jayden looking at something on the ground...It may not look that steep in the photo's but it is!  I really had to step back a little and not freak out...he was just fine!

Views of Lake Eildon in the distance...

Another rest a little higher up on an old log...

We made it!  You can just see the Paps in the distance on the left hand side of Michael...

Another view...have I mentioned how excited that I am that one day this will be the place we call home?

One last stop on the way back down...

I think this hike may become a new Easter tradition!  

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