Monday, May 13, 2013


I have so many other topics I want to write about bubbling away in my head, that catching up seems a little crazy to do.  For the sake of family records though I will continue until the important ones are done...

Jayden's 3rd Birthday - March 29th

Such a spunky boy...these Magnetix have been the greatest present for all 4 of the boys...they are pricey but a great investment...

We have a tradition of helium birthday balloons - 1 for each year of age! 

Michael's 32nd Birthday - March 30th

My spunky hubby on the excavation site for our house...technically this was taken the day after, but he was super spoilt with an impressive ice cream cake the night before!

Dylan's 6th Birthday - April 20th

Getting ready to open pressies in Mum and Dads bed!

Birthday Card

Dylan's cake for his party!  He invited his whole class over because he didn't want to leave anyone out!

Dylan with his birthday balloons!

Mothers Day

My goodies for Mothers Day!  I so love the gorgeous handmade gifts...better than anything you could buy!

From Dylan...

From Louis

Dad wrote this from Ethan...

and from Jayden...

I'm such a lucky Mum!

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