Friday, May 24, 2013

How to get married for under $4000!

It's my 10 year wedding anniversary with my awesome hubby today!  10 years married and we've been together for 15 years.  Yep, I was 17 when we became "boyfriend and girlfriend", 18 when we started living together, engaged at 19 and then at the ripe old age of 22 we were married!

We were living with my brother at the time trying to save to buy our first house, so we really didn't want to spend too much on the wedding.  So we didn't.  Here are my hints of cheap but fun wedding:

1. I had a hen's night out in the city with a few friends, we stayed at a hotel and had a blast!

2. I had my sister (who is a hairdresser) and Mum do my hair.

I look pretty happy about that don't I?

3. We didn't hire anyone for anything really - I did my own make-up and my bridesmaids make-up. 

4. My bridesmaids were invited to wear whatever they felt comfortable in. There was no additional expenses for them. They didn't need spray tans, expensive dresses, shoes, hair and make-up.  It was very relaxed and they looked beautiful.  

My bridesmaid Erica helping me with my necklace

5. I wore my sister's veil and borrowed jewellery. We bought simple wedding bands. My dress was a $200 deb dress from Garfunkle.

My sister Sharon fixing my hair...

6. We didn't hire cars...we were having a ceremony in a park so no-one could see the car anyway.

My Dad and special...

  7. We paid a small fee to have our ceremony at a rotunda in Catani gardens in St Kilda.

The kiss!

 8. We only invited immediate family and our bridal party.

Our family photo...

9. We didn't hire a photographer.

My beautiful bridesmaids...
10. I didn't buy any bridal magazine or browse wedding websites.  

 My bridesmaid Bean (nickname) - we've know each other since we were 3yo!

11. We didn't book a reception venue for our reception.  We booked a room in a restaurant called Donovan's in St Kilda. 

12. We didn't order a "wedding cake" or a "bridal bouquet" - we just needed a cake and flowers. 

 My Mum and I...

My brother and I

Michael and his mate Ryan

 My niece Kelly was our flower cute!

13. We didn't go on a honeymoon straight away (and when we did we got discount tickets to fly to the Gold Coast for a week and stayed in a holiday park!)

14. On our wedding night we stayed at the Hilton Hotel in East Melboune and spoiled ourselves the next morning with a buffet breakfast and massages.  We then headed to Crown Casino to watch a movie before we headed home.  

15. We didn't get caught up on perfection.  It's the fastest way to spend a whole lot of money on details that no-one notices anyway!  Focus on on why you're getting married and the connection between you and your's the commitment that matters, it's the love that's important and actually not much else.

Happy Anniversary to my husband Michael.  We have shared so much of our life together, we've had ups and downs, 4 beautiful boys and now we're working on our dream in the country.  I'm so excited to see what the next 10 years brings! 

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