Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Welcome to Homegrown Farm!

Welcome to our little piece of paradise.  33 acres in Bonnie Doon, Victoria. 

So it's not much of a farm yet but we have big plans and dreams! 

At this stage we have 8 cows, a caravan, outside toilet and power pole as well as a house and shed site. 

We are currently waiting for our owner builder permit and then our final building permit so we can get started on the house. 

The power is yet to be connected due to the wet weather and the location of the poles, but it shouldn't be too far off.

We have saved thousands of dollars already by Michael doing all of the excavations and driveway.  We found so much gravel we have not had to buy any in which has been great.

We also designed our own home and Michael found a free online program to complete all of the drawings to submit for permits.  It was a huge undertaking with a lot of challenges, however we were informed we probably saved ourselves about $8-9,000 doing it ourselves. 

I am so grateful for such a resourceful and clever hubby.  His persistence and willingness to give something a go is something I greatly admire in him.  He luckily also has the support and help of his Dad who is such a source of information and wisdom in this process as well.

(This soil is will be used for our veggie garden!  It's got compost in it and heaps of worms - should be great)

I'll be documenting our progress here for our records as well as for others to see how we manage things.  We have a tight budget and will be building as cheaply and resourcefully as we can. 

We're so excited!

So next on the list is our house paddock.  Our mooies (cows) love to explore anything new that comes on to the property so before we start building the site needs to be enclosed.  This will also give us a chance to start working on the gardens slowly but surely.

So that's our farm so far...I hope you enjoy sharing our journey with us and watching it grow!

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