Friday, November 22, 2013


My family is my everything...I have spent many an hour researching, reading, learning about what goes into a close and connected family. 

Of course, what we read and can actually translate into real life is sometimes very different things.
My main goals are to have great relationships with my children now and as they grow, to create an encouraging and supportive home environment and have lots of fun traditions and adventures together to ensure lasting positive memories. 
I have drawn on many resources to learn these foundations. Some ideas I just found too complicated, too formal or just didn't seem to suit our family.  What we have come up with right now is perfect for us and the boys have really enjoyed having a strong foundation of our family set.

This is our family team name...I know it sounds corny, however the boys love it because it sounds like it's from a computer game!  I know if I want to connect with 4 boys I need to make it work for them as well as for us as parents. 
I actually borrowed this from Linda and Richard Eyre who have written so many amazing parenting books.  They have a wealth of really great information and a lot of their books can be read for free at Eyres Free Books(Just a side note...the Eyres are LDS (Morman) religion, which I am not, however I believe the information is so relevant regardless of beliefs).
VisseRealm Logo (you can see it roughly drawn in orange in the image above and below)
We're big on hearts in this family so the heart shape started it off. Then I turned the bottom into an infinity symbol which gives everyone that strong sense of security as a family.  Yep, we're a family forever! No matter how much of a bad mood anyone is in, you better work it out because this family sticks together!
In the bottom of the heart is the "V" for Visser also...
Michael and I have talked about getting tattoo's of our logo however I don't think I'm brave enough for that...maybe we can just design a t-shirt? Ha ha...
Our family guidelines

1. Love More

2. Live Simply

3. Respect Yourself

4. Help Others

5. Always Learn

6. Try New Things

7. Enjoy Nature

8. Explore The World

9. Have Fun

10. Be Grateful

We have the guidelines on the side of the fridge where everyone can see them and we refer to them often.  It can be an easy way to encourage the boys to try something because in this family we "try new things".  If they are talking themselves down they are reminded to "respect themselves".  We've also been very excitedly planning for a small summer camping holiday because we "explore the world" and "enjoy nature" and "have fun".  So, rather than a whole lot of strict rules the family guidelines can be a lot more fun and work on the longer term attitudes that we would like to encourage rather than the little individual behavioural complaints that we can get caught up with in rules like no hitting, no kicking etc. 

So, this is one way that we identify and connect as a family.  I would love to hear some of your traditions and ideas that connect your family in the comments below!

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