Sunday, January 12, 2014

Adventure Sunday...A splash in the river at Jamieson

What a week!  It's contained the normal highs and lows that  arrive with school holidays and I must say the time is flying! It's certainly going to be hard to let go of these summer holidays, that's for sure.

Being the first time I've joined in on a photo challenge, let alone two of them I'm realising that I really need to let go of any ideals I have if I want to get these things on the blog.  I take so many photo's of the boys but I don't always specifically get any one of them at a time! So as you'll see, there may be a few other boys poking their heads in this week and I'll have to make more of an effort in the coming week.

Jayden is our little clown, always doing something to get a laugh.  He is so imaginative as well.  I hope that never loses his creativity. He is wearing the reindeer nose that we had on the front of the car for Christmas...on his head.

Ethan is looking cautious, he was not all that sure of the river, especially after the discovery of a number of small crayfish with big strong nippers. 

Dylan is my boy with a very health appetite.  He is my foodie. 

Louis loves discovering interesting artifacts or animals.  He helped his Dad find the crayfish and in the process discovered some unique rocks. 

I must say I am so grateful for this family photo challenge.  The boys are right on board now and know that we'll be doing it every week.  We had a beautiful drive to Jamieson today and had a great splash in the river.   I am in my happy place to be exploring somewhere new and be with my gorgeous family.  That is perfection to me and is priceless.

We stopped off at Jamieson blueberries on the way home as well and picked up a big tub of the best fresh blueberries and a 1kg tub of frozen blueberries.  I don't believe you can ever have too much locally grown, in season fruit!  Yum!

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