Tuesday, February 18, 2014

About me...

I've updated my "about me" description and just wanted to expand on a few things...

Mum of 4 gorgeous boys - Louis 8, Dylan 6, Ethan 5 and Jayden 3 and wife of my spunky husband Michael, living in country Victoria...absolutely living my dream life!!!!! (that has it's fair share of challenges)

I feel passionate about personal growth, respectful parenting and unconditional LOVE! (and still fall and have to pick myself back up again...everyday)

I believe regardless of our past we have the power to shape our future and leave a legacy for our children that will trickle down and change the world! (which isn't anywhere close to easy...it takes persistence, determination and strength and plenty of moments of realising we're heading in the complete wrong direction and realigning...again)

I believe in deliberate mothering and building a strong family! (which takes a lot of learning and researching teamed with consistency and fun and days where I feel like I'm working towards the exact opposite)

I believe if we simplify life we have more chance of seeing beauty everywhere. (and can be so challenging in our modern non-stop, "more is better" society)

I believe we need to tread lightly on the earth. (well...it is the only one we have)

I believe in homegrown, homemade, buying locally and supporting small business. (and no...of course it's not the easiest or cheapest choice but it's 100% worth it and still something I don't always get right)

I believe we need to be kind to ourselves so we can be kind to others. (so simple in concept but challenging in reality...a work in progress)

I believe in empathy and encouragement. (which is much easier to do when we're not making everything all about ourselves!)

I believe in appreciating and having gratitude for every moment of life and making the most of it! (we only get one life and it will be full of ups and downs but we get to choose what we focus on and how we react and respond to it...choose wisely) 

I believe we need to nurture and nourish ourselves with healthy, organic food and plenty of exercise. (we have such a dysfunctional relationship with our bodies...it shouldn't be complicated...eat real food, grow organic if you can't afford it and get moving in whatever ways that you enjoy as often as you can)

I believe we can learn from everyone around us, therefore every experience both positive and negative is valuable! (yep...learn from everyone...especially the people that frustrate and upset you the most...there is a lesson to be learnt in every situation with ever person)

I could probably write about this stuff for days once I get started and there's so much more that I could add. 

I know how it can feel so overwhelming sometimes to think positively, it can feel almost impossible to see through the fog, like your feet are stuck in some thick mud making each step so much heavier than it needs to be.  Like you're looking at life behind a one way window.  You can see what's going on and you want to join in and participate in life but you just can't get there and no-one can see or hear you to try and help.

Or maybe that's just been my experience! haha.  At the end of the day, I was the only one that could turn it around.  No-one else could help me, I needed to do it on my own and to be honest I couldn't rely on the support and help of others because most people don't know how to help in these situations anyway.   

I guess, I notice that people sometimes think that I have things all together and yes, I absolutely adore my life.  A life, that others may turn up their nose at or think is lacking in this or that (which does not bother me in the slightest - there is no perfection to be found here).  This took a whole lot of work though, inside work.  It could have gone a whole lot of other ways if I had decided to give up instead of taking the steps forward that I needed to and just kept blaming others and playing the victim.

It's our life, our responsibility.  Just know that you have the ability to change the way you look at and feel about it though.  All of those negative thoughts and beliefs can be changed if you're willing to explore and challenge them.  We love to tell ourselves stories and excuses as to why things are the way they are and why we can't change them, but it's rubbish.  We all have the power to make our lives whatever we want and to enjoy the short amount of time that we have.  Regardless of the circumstances that are out of our control.

I would love to hear your thoughts...

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