Thursday, April 10, 2014

Earth hour campout and birthday celebration!

We had a great weekend celebrating Jayden's 4th, Dylan's 7th and Michael's 33rd birthdays!  We love that it coincides with Earth hour as well as we were roughing it for about 24 hours! 

We were so lucky the sun came out and it was a beautiful day as we had rain leading up to it and woke up Sunday morning to more rain as well.

I honestly can't believe the baby of our family is 4 years old!  It's just amazing how fast the time does go, and although I absolutely have those clucky moments when I miss the baby and toddler days I am also really enjoying this next season with older kids. 

We had a great group of friends and family share the afternoon with us.  We are so thankful!  Jenn and her family camped out with us which was a lot of fun. 
I actually forgot to take many photo's on the day, which I'm taking as a good sign that I was too busy enjoying it all to think about taking pictures, but Jenn did a great job of capturing some moments.

Jayden and Josie are such great little buddies...Jayden says he's going to marry Josie when he grows up!

Our family was a challenge to get everyone together but we got there! 

Beautiful sunset at the end of the day...gosh I love this place.  After a hot dry summer the grass is just starting to turn green.  The building is coming along slowly but surely but I will update in another post. 

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