Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Adventure Sunday: The Paps Hike {July}

So, I decided to take the boys on a hike up The Paps.  The Paps is a distinct hill that you can see on your right when heading into Mansfield.  You can open the farm gate and drive up to the base of it, or continue on and drive right to the top (better with a 4wd but a car can do it).

I thought it would be a challenge for the boys and was a little unsure how Jayden, who is only 4, would go but I thought it would be worth a try!

We loaded up a backpack with some food and water and also, Louis suggested some clipboards, paper and pencils for any observations we made.

At the gate ready to go!

Exploring a big log...

Heading up...the views were amazing...

Dylan struggled although that may have had something to do with running most of the way up with Ethan!

Stopping point...we had a rest and some lunch and I considered heading down from here, but I had faith in the boys that they could make it to the top!

These favourites!

This is the steep part...poor Louis and Dylan were over it by now.  Ethan and Jayden powered along beside me with such enthusiasm!

Ethan made it! 

Jayden made it! 4 years old and hiked 3 km to the top (and of course back down again)! Amazing!

Louis made it! (although not too happy at this point! Ha ha)  Dylan made it also, however I don't have permission to post his photo...he was a little unhappy with it...

These boys love that they can say they climbed a "mountain"!

Happier boy on the way back down!  The boys broke out in a impromptu performance of "Que Sera" which was really cute!

We all made it up and back in one piece.  There were celebrations and tears, but ultimately they were all proud of themselves for doing it and each one has said they would do it again.  

Sometimes in life, we have tough times and it's only in hindsight that we realise how much those tough times allow us to grow and improve as people.  The challenge is in choosing to see it that way rather than dwell on all the "unfairness" of it all.  There is something particularly rewarding in choosing "hard" sometimes, and more and more I'm realising that it's sometimes the hard things that teach us the most value. 

So yep, we will hike mountains even if our legs hurt and we'll feel super proud of ourselves at the end of it!  

What challenges have your children taken on that surprised you?  How do you encourage them to make "hard" choices sometimes?  

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