Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Adventure Sunday...Mt. Torbrek {July}

So there was snow everywhere and we wanted to get our hands on it!  We did not, however, wish to spend a fortune on heading up to Mt Buller for a bit of snow play.
From our block we had noticed that there was a snow covered mountain far off in the distance, and after a little investigation we realised we were looking at Mt. Torbrek.  What a great adventure for a Sunday as a family to see if we could find the mountain, find some snow and have some fun!

Mt Torbrek in the distance...

Mt. Buller

A quick stop on the way for a family photo.  Skyline road runs from Bonnie Doon to Eildon and offers a beautiful view of Lake Eildon and the mountains in the distance...

Skyline road is a great scenic road that is suitable for any cars...

The road up to Mt Torbrek was a slightly different story! 

Michael had to clear the road from a fallen branch...

We found snow!  Let the snowman making begin!

The building of "Olaf" 

Family photo with our newest addition!

There were picnic tables and a hike to the summit...another place to put on the "Adventure list" when the snow is gone...

When you've got to go, you've got to go! Ha ha.

It was so beautiful up there, there is something about snow, bush and blue skies that is really magical!
We weren't completely prepared with snow gear, so with cold toes we jumped back into the car and headed down to the Lake Eildon Wall and pondage.

Honestly, these trips out as a family exploring our surrounds and nature just make me feel so blissful.  It's not reliant on huge amounts of income or time, so it's easy!   Most people would have access to a heap of local tourist spots near to their home, but sometimes we get caught up in what's just out of our reach rather than what's within it. 

Do you play tourist in your area?  Try it, I'll be you have a great time! 

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