Monday, January 4, 2016

Hello 2016! {One little word}

There's something about a whole new year that gets me excited!  New memories to be made and experiences to be feels like anything is possible!

I've always been a dreamer and a planner, but I'm also an over thinker and a procrastinator.  Doesn't always serve me so well and I can feel like I'm in a state of inner turmoil and conflict quite a bit of the time.

2015 has brought me quite a lot of clarity about the kind of life that I want and I've been able to remove a heap of mind clutter, which makes focus and therefore action more possible now than in the past.

I spent so long trying to find a "group" I belong too but I've finally realised I don't want to be put in any ONE box...I just take inspiration from all over the place and decide which fits.  I am probably a walking contradiction but that's OK with me.  I'm going to be a vegetarian who breeds cows for goodness sake! Haha.  I love simple living and stuff.  I'm a homebody who loves to go on adventures. I finally realised that there's no right or wrong in this life...just do what feels right and makes you happy!  Maybe it's an age thing where I just don't care anymore...

So for 2016, my one little word is actually two:

"Let go"

Because while I'll always be a planner and therefore a deliberate person who makes considered choices there is so much I need to let go of at the same time.

Let go of needing to know how things will turn out...
Let go of fearing how things will turn out...

and therefore

Trust that all is well and good and will be as it shall be.

I am so thankful for my life, my husband and my boys.  I absolutely love life here in the country and the friends that I've made.  I have overcome many issues from my past and am proud of the person I am today.

This is just the next step...letting go of the torment I put MYSELF through.  Because the rest is up to me now...

Happy 2016!  Here's hoping for an amazing year filled with love, fun and adventure and enough challenge to keep us on a path of learning and growing! 


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