Saturday, January 26, 2013

Australia Day at Loch Sport...

I'm way behind on my blog so here goes my attempt at starting to catching up. We headed off on Australia Day weekend to Loch Sport for a weekend at our friends the Paulls. 

I was so looking forward to getting to hang out with such a great family.  I'd spent the week before getting the kids new school bags and making sure uniforms were ready so that upon our return they would be all set to go!

We started off on our journey and decided to stop an hour and a half into the drive for dinner at Hungry Jacks.  The kids love the playgrounds and often hardly eat a thing, however this time they scoffed everything down before a quick play.

I think there's nothing better than heading off for a trip.  The kids love all of the excitement and anticipation of new adventures and usually a higher than average chance of eating junk food! 

Love a good action shot!

The boys were great in the car.   They are such awesome travellers!  We didn't arrive until late though so our adventure had to wait until morning...

India loved the boys, particularly Louis.  Maybe because he could do all the cool stuff like read stories?
We headed down to the foreshore for the annual Australia Day BBQ. 

Enjoying a sausage in bread - does it get more Aussie?

Lucas and India

Me and Bean (Justine) - we've been friends forever! 

Have I mentioned that I strongly dislike photo's of myself? I'm trying to get over it because it is a bit sad when I look back at all our goings on and wonder if I was actually ever there...

After some food we packed up and headed to the beach, lakeside to take the boat out.  

I was so proud of Louis for having a go at the tube behind the boat!  Dylan had a try as well and loved it!
We all had a great time at the beach minus the march flies...

Bean and gorgeous baby Ivy
I'm kicking myself for posting this so much later as I'm forgetting all of the little details.  Bean and I had a great walk back to the house with baby Ivy (who had well and truly had enough by this stage). After dinner and the kids were in bed we had a great game of Monopoly with just us adults.  Wow, did that bring back memories.  Lots of fun, and then you remember how long it goes for!  I was grateful to lose so I could go to bed (although I'm still not convinced that Lucas should ever be banker again - LOL)

The next day we loaded up and headed to the surf beach.  The boys think that's just about the best thing ever created!

Gorgeous India

Such a great family! So much fun to hang out with!

Ethan was non stop all weekend!
We had to keep our eyes so close on the boys as it's a non-patrolled beach with some pretty wild waves.  
Sunset on the way home...
It was a fantastic weekend and we were so grateful to Bean and Lucas for having us all down there! It sure adds to the craziness when the 6 of us arrive anywhere and they were such great hosts.

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