Friday, January 18, 2013

Mt Buller

Last week Nanna came up for a visit and we all jumped into the car and headed to Mt Buller.  We've never been up there in the summer so we were up for a mini adventure. 

It was so great you could drive right up high on the mountain and then it was just a short walk up to the summit. 

 Starting to head up to the summit

It was obviously bright with me squinting like that...hehe

 Louis and Dylan off exploring...

Had to have a family photo with that view...oh and a breather from hiking up the hill!

 It was just so beautiful up there...

 The boys were carrying rocks and flowers and would not hear any suggestions to pick some on the way back down!

 The fire lookout tower...right at the top

Mum and nice it was to have her share the trip with all of us.  

 Love this photo...It was quite windy up the top so Dad was the perfect windbreak for Dylan

 Heading back down...lucky no-one is scared of heights!

 We had a yummy picnic prizes for presentation but it filled the hole!

 Then we all had a turn on the chairlift.  Except for Nanna that is...

It was calm all the way except for the very top where it was so windy.  That's Ethan, Michael and Louis in the chair in front.   

It was just such a nice day.  I was certainly in my element out and about experiencing something new with the boys, and to have Mum there was such a bonus. 

Now we're looking forward to heading up in winter!!

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