Saturday, March 2, 2013

Bits and Pieces... February part 2

Bits and Pieces part 2...

Now while this may look like the kids were getting artistic, I'm willing to admit it was my drawing! artistic abilities are severely limited! The point was though, that the boys all loved it, and of course I had to be proud of my effort because that's what it's all about right? Yep, it even got to go on the fridge! 

Home made pizza...I've finally mastered the art of pizza dough.  So easy to make and doesn't have all the nasties added to store bought pizza bases.  I added tomato sauce/paste, mixed herbs, slices of pumpkin, olives, spinach leaves and cheese! Delicious!

More Kinder duty! Dylan had the day off school (his school has the Wednesdays off for the first month) so he enjoyed visiting his old teachers. 

Is there any better place to be than on your Dad's shoulders?  We all trekked into school for assembly on a Friday afternoon to watch Dylan perform on stage with his class.  We were so proud seeing him so happy up there in front of everyone! I love that excitement on their faces when they see their parents in the crowd watching them.  It sure makes them feel special!

While tennis lessons only last for 1 hour on a Saturday morning, and there are playgrounds, the boys looked like this a lot of the time.  They really struggled to head out after a busy week at school and kinder.  Sleepy boys.  Tennis has finished now, so they're back to lazy Saturdays...

Speaking of sleepy.  This was Dylan in the morning before school.  Yes he's naked, not unusual for the boys in this house although we're trying to discourage him more now that he's a bit older!

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