Friday, March 1, 2013

Bits and pieces...February part 1

I've got a few catch up posts for February.  I figure I better get them up now before I forget!

Gorgeous cake for my 2nd cousins' baby shower!

I had a great weekend in early Feb when I headed down to my 2nd cousin Stacey's baby shower.  She looked fantastic and it was great to catch up with family.  Seriously, how cute is that cake?
Later that evening Mum and I headed to the movies to see Silver Linings Playbook.  I loved it! 

Off to the dentist...

Poor Louis had to have a little work done on one of his teeth...he also had a coating put over his teeth as unfortunately he has his fathers chalky teeth.  Apparently there's nothing we can do about it except regularly check on them.  He has an increased risk of his teeth just chipping or breaking though.  This is also why I'm already starting to save for dental work for when they're older!  Michael has teeth that just chip and die, and mine are crooked but strong.  Hmmm...would it be too much to ask for them to have my strength and Michael's straightness?  Lol...

Playground fun!

Epic lunch packing...

So, I try and make lunches of an evening to save the rushing around in the morning.   This doesn't always happen, but it really does help.  On this particular night I was making lunch for all 6 of us - Michael for work, Louis and Dylan for school, Ethan for Kinder, and then Jayden and I had kinder duty and were heading straight to Dylan's excursion afterwards.  I really didn't want to stop and buy anything and I definitely didn't want hungry kids. It pretty much all got eaten as well except for a an apple and a cookie.  Crazy amount of food though! Lol...

Dylan had an excursion with school to Mirimbah at the base of Mt Buller with his grade 5 buddy.  They had to build boats to sail down the river and it was great to see the kids working together to create some pretty unique boats.  It was a gorgeous day and I was so glad to be able to make it!

Louis has been taking some tennis lessons over summer.  He was pretty proud of himself to win the trophy for best effort that week.  This is a great initiative for the kids and they get to take it home for a week and then it gets passed on the next lesson.   We're not too worried about our boys excelling in sports at such a young age, our focus is more that they try new things and have a go.  There's so much in life to experience I would actually not encourage them to focus squarely on one thing while they're so little. 


Speaking of trying new things, we took the boys for a bike ride over the bridge where it's all concrete.  Dylan can ride really well now, although he still has training wheels on.  We're trying to get him to try without them now as he's pretty confident.  Louis is learning how to ride without training wheels but is really fearful of it.  Who would have thought with 4 boys they would have such resistance to riding bikes?  I thought it would be the first thing they learnt, but they'll get there when they're ready!

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