Tuesday, September 9, 2014

August: Bits and pieces...part 1

We're heading so fast towards December and the end of the year and I'm still trying to catch up August...Haha.  Great blogger I am!

We had Dylan and Louis visit the dentist...

Jayden's friend Josie came over to play...

Was feeling under the weather so snuggled up with Jayden to watch some Anne of Green Gables (which I'd never seen!) and munch on popcorn and a honey lemon tea.  Perfect for a cold winters day.

Boys got into Chess for a moment there...

Printed off these great dinner conversation starters from The Dating Divas and it's been so much fun!

I purchased my first Project Life kit from Spotlight.  Love the colours and how easy it is to make the albums. More here.  I haven't got very far yet but it's a work in progress...

 We had a day trip down to the 'burbs for my niece and nephews birthday.  We thought we'd make it interesting by taking on a alphabet photo challenge...we didn't complete it, but we did have a lot of fun doing it.  We started off with all of these strict rules and then sure enough we got a little more relaxed as we were going along...oh and we only got to P...haha. 

A: Alexandra

B: Bridge

C: Car

D: Dylan

E:  Ethan

F: Flowers (from the tissue box! haha)

G: Gate

H: Houseboat (which was a really strange find down there)

I: Ibis 

J: Jayden

K: Killingworth River Reserve...

L: Louis and letterbox

M: Motorbike (in Yea)

N: Nanna (by now we'd arrived at my brothers house)

O: Oranges

P: Playground...and yep we were done...couldn't think of or find a Q...

We had a great afternoon celebrating Lachlan and Chloe's birthdays!   Such great kids!  

After that we started to make the long trek back home again.  Although, admittedly it was a lot shorter than the trip down with all those photography stops!

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