Monday, September 8, 2014


One of my priorities as a Mum is to grow a close connected family.  As my boys grow there will be so many distractions and they will get pulled in so many different directions that I want to make the most of our time now to build a solid foundation.

One of these ideas is to have family time a few nights a week to either play a game, do a craft or activity or simply read a book together.  The activity itself isn't whats most important - although it can be a great learning opportunity - it's the fact that we're all together having some fun.

Of course, there are some nights (and weeks) where this isn't always successful depending on what's happening in life, but the goal is there and I will continue to work at it.

We tend to have family time after dinner.  I encourage the kids to get their homework and jobs done in the afternoon so we can can be free to have fun later.  It works out well for us at this stage.

I find if we don't make the effort to connect like this we can get bogged down in the chores and necessities of the day to day and forget that life is meant to be enjoyable.

I want our family to know that while we need to be responsible and get our work done, there should always be time for play and fun.

So blowing bubbles is a super easy fun night.  Just squirt dish soap in a bowl of water and spread it over the table...hand everyone a straw and blow!  

Lots of fun and it cleans the table! :)

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