Wednesday, September 10, 2014

August: Bits and pieces...part 3

Part 3 is it I promise!

I've been playing around with the Little Moments App.  An easy way to enhance photos. 

Reading some great books...

 Rearranging and decluttering (it never ends!!). 

Book shelf in the boys room.  It stays like this for about 1 day and then ends up a big mess again.  Haha.  

Winters nearly over but this is how we decorated our little corner of the kitchen...

 Had the first golf ball through the window.  We've done well to get this far with 4 boys I'd say!

We sent happy mail to my best friend Bean who's expecting her 3rd baby and my Sister-in-law Belinda who's expecting her 2nd baby.  Babies everywhere at the moment!  Surprisingly I'm  not feeling clucky, just excited.  It was so much fun to put these together! 

This happy mail included a magazine, choccies and some baby singlets. 

This happy mail for my friend included a magazine, giant nutella, and very belated birthday presents for her two girls.

We watched "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" and then realised there was a competition going on win a golden ticket.  Well played Nestle, well played.  I gave them two chances and was done. 

We also made Louis a giant chocolate freckle to congratulate him on his great school concert.  

Super exciting news:  Dylan lost his first tooth finally!!!  

Jayden had fun with this fun printable from here and then we popped it into the happy mail for my friends two girls.  

That's it for thought it was a quiet month?  

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