Thursday, June 25, 2015

Lunch date with Ethan

So I have a little list of fun things that I like to do with the kids, some as a 1 one 1 and some as a family event.  It mixes things up and the kids never know when it will be their turn for something fun!

Last week it was time for Ethan and I to have a lunch date!   I picked him up from school (at lunch time) and we had his choice of Subway.  He was beyond excited that they have a kids meal promotion going with the latest Pixar movie "Inside Out". 

He ate every last morsel of sandwich, fruit puree thing, juice and cookie!  He was so happy!

We talked and laughed and played a little game of memory (that came with his lunch).  It was so nice to just be one on one as usually if I take all 4 out for lunch it is a little chaotic and wild and I'm forever making sure everyone is behaving rather than actually being able to connect with them properly.

So much fun to hang out with my boy and be able to really listen to what he has to say without any interruptions!

(This is not a sponsored post, my boys just really like Subway probably because it's the closest thing we have to Fast food in town!)

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