Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Cub scouts bike hike

Louis and Dylan went on a huge bike ride with Cub scouts on Saturday.  They road from Yarck to Yea which is about 27-30km!

They were nervous and a little unsure if they could do it, which was reasonable considering they'd never done such a big ride before.  They only started riding bikes just before Christmas last year. 

We drove back to Yea later in the afternoon and were told they were still going.  They were going to make it!

Jayden and Ethan had a heap of fun at the playground...

Here they come!

They were tired, worn out and had grins from ear to ear.  I was so proud of them and they were proud of themselves.   Dylan had a few tears at some points throughout but he kept going.  They are learning that challenges like this can be tough, you want to give up, but it if you just keep going there is often success and victory on the other side. 

They are learning powerful life lessons by facing up to fears and realising that just because their first thought is "I can't do it" doesn't actually mean that they can't do it.

Also, they know that the important part was that they gave it a go.  If they hadn't been able to finish the ride, I would have been just as proud of them for trying.   Huge stuff.

One of the best parts for me was hearing Dylan say to Louis he couldn't do something (something pretty small) and Louis replying "Dude, you just rode 30km, of course you can do it" and of course he could.

What we achieve in life is mostly about mindset and attitude, something I'm still learning and working on.  Don't you love how much we learn from being parents? 

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