Saturday, May 30, 2015

Boys, blogs and recording memories...

I'm on a major mission to record our memories. 

To notice the little, everyday happenings that tell the story of our life.

It's pretty easy to record the hikes, family visits or special events but I want to improve on recording the small details. 

As well as starting Project Life albums I've also started a personal journal for each of my boys.  This has already made me really  notice what is going on in each of their lives and what I want to record about them.

I feel a bit sad that I have to think about it all so much, I guess for some it comes more naturally but I often get caught up in the everyday crazy of life and days and even weeks used to go by without even taking a photo.

There's also the me that sometimes feels I'm re-forming my life after spending so many years focused only on my family.  The me that is someone aside from that, even though my family is my priority.

It's that idea of balance.  It seems like it's in continual motion.  Going too far one way, then way back in the opposite direction.  It's taking the time to notice what feels right and what feels a little off.  More adjustments.  Maybe a break or trying something completely new to broaden my perspective.

My most favourite people on Instagram are the everyday Mums snapping away photos of their real life.  While it's fun to see people style everything up and make it beautiful, there is something so special to me in the people that find the beauty in what is right in front of them, just the way it is.

That's what I'm working's a journey.

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