Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Birthday weekend!

I'm now 34 years old!  Do I feel any different?  Not at all...

Saturday morning Michael had to meet the plumber at Homegrown Farm so it was a quiet start to the day.  They basically forgot it was my birthday and were zoning out with computer games. (We told them they could have free time before we went to Melbourne).

Luckily, Michael came home a little earlier than expected and organised some cards and a cute voucher book for me.  Oh, and a nice cup of honey-lemon tea.

Jayden insisted on wearing a suit and didn't take it off the whole weekend.  He looked like such a spunk though!

So we were on the road down to my sisters and she cut and coloured my hair! Woohoo.  I actually haven't had it done since my birthday last year so it was my annual hair cut! Haha.

We drove down to have dinner with my family at Taco Bill, which was a heap of fun.

A sleepover at Pa's followed up with a bacon and egg breakfast and we were off to Nanna's.  The kids had a play there while Michael and I went shopping.

Oh, so not only was it my birthday on Saturday but also our anniversary.  Saturday marked 17 years together - half of our lives!  How lucky is that?  Then, Sunday was our 12 year wedding anniversary.  Honestly, life with this guy has been pretty great.  Yes, we've had ups and downs and challenges and triumphs but that's life isn't it?  The important part is that we've stuck together and love each other more than ever.   I'm so grateful.

So, I mentioned shopping.  I was lucky enough to receive some birthday money so went to Spotlight to pick up some Project Life supplies.  The albums were on sale plus I had a spend $100 get $40 off voucher so I got some great bargains.

Michael and I then headed to Eastland to pick up a few extra things and had some sushi for lunch.

I collected the boys from the playground where they were with their Nanna and we went back to the shops to buys them some new shoes.   They were desperately needed for school but I may have gone a little over the top with some extra pairs...haha.  We finished our shopping off with a smoothies and jumped in the car for our long drive home.

It was nearly 7pm when we got home, but luckily Michael had already arranged dinner.  We had driven separately because he picked up a heap of sleepers for our retaining wall. (Water tanks are our next step!).  The kids had naps of doom in the car on the way home so stayed up a little later watching a movie.  By the time they were in bed, we'd had a little chill out and made everyones lunch for the next day it was nearly midnight! A huge weekend but a memorable one. 

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