Monday, May 25, 2015

Busy Friday... have I gone from normal daily living to super busy?  I'm not a big fan of this at all! Haha.  I'm not even working on Fridays yet!

Jayden goes to Earth kinder on Fridays for 3 hours so I often go home to get a few things done, but today I stayed in town to work on some "High Country Living" stuff.  Yep, another project.  Honestly, what is wrong with me?  No wonder I feel overwhelmed sometimes!

Anyway, then we head home for a couple of hours with our little friend Josie who we watch Friday afternoons.

I heard a knock at the door and Megan, a Mum from up the road had brought me some beautiful flowers to say thank you for watching her daughter the night before.  The bridge was closed for hours the night before due to a car accident and poor Megan was stuck on one side while her daughter who's only 5 was on the other side.  We have switched numbers now in case anything like that happens again, but all I could do was leave a note on her door so she knew.  Such a fright for her but luckily it all ended well.

Back in the car for Jaydens swimming lessons, hiding a free coffee voucher for HCL, picking up the boys from school, picking up fruit and veg, going to the post office to mail an eBay sale, library, Josie was collected, off to a friends to organise a mountain bike for Louis in the big bike hike for next weekend, then made it just in time to drop Louis to his disco at 6pm.  Quickly picked up some supplies for dinner at Foodworks and got home.

Michael also got home late from a huge day working so we were all exhausted.  Luckily, Louis got a lift home so we didn't have to head back out at 9pm.   Life is just a little crazy right now! 

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