Saturday, May 16, 2015

Big changes...

May is flying by and I have some big news.

I applied for a part time job in Mansfield, had the interview and got the job!

So, I start Monday and will also work Wednesday and Fridays over winter.  So, I'm excited because it's an office admin job which is perfect and it's part-time during Jayden's kinder days which is also perfect.  The people I'll be working with seem really great as well which of course can make or break any work situation. 

It's also seasonal, so increased hours over winter and much more decreased over summer, which fits in with Michael's busy and quiet times.

It's funny because as soon as I found out that I got the job I felt a huge weight lift off my shoulders.  I've been trying to find ways to perhaps work at home or start a business that fits in with the kids and nothing was really working out that well and this position just feels really right.

Sometimes taking the pressure off an idea to make money can make it so much more enjoyable.  I guess it's a little like blogging, I'm doing it for me and the kids now and I feel so much more free.  Before I was trying a little too hard I guess and didn't always feel like I as being authentic.  

So other news...this Project Life thing is slowly become my most favourite hobby.  I received the new subscription kit from Studio Calico yesterday and it is so much fun.  I love all of the products and can't wait to play with them all.  I've also just recently realised there's a whole movement of people out there that decorate their planners/diaries.  Who knew?  If you look on YouTube there are so many videos!  I don't think I'd want to spend the money they seemingly spend just for a diary, but I did add a bit of colour to it and it is much more fun to look at now!

After a heap of dismal weather the sun has come out again for some beautiful autumn weather.  There's even been a heap of snow up at Mt Buller already.

 Last week Louis and  Dylan had a sleepover at the scout hall and I went in early the next morning to go for a walk with them.  Luckily the rain held out and we had a nice walk around town.  It's so nice to be able to do these things with them and they are still young enough to appreciate that I'm there.  I wonder how much longer that will last?

That night I went out with my friend Jenn to see a band.  I was so excited and looking forward to a night on the town and while we had a great time I realised I'm obviously just to old for this caper.  I felt deaf for 3 days and woke up Sunday morning sick.  I was driving so only had a couple of drinks and I felt like rubbish.  Needless to say, I won't be in a hurry to do that again.  I think I'd rather sit around the campfire with some good music playing enjoying the company of my friends and be actually able to have a conversation and a laugh without losing my hearing.  Haha, yep, officially old. 

So yeah, I had a little sleep in Mothers day and woke up feeling rotten.  I'm still fighting off the cough and cold almost a week later.  It's been a shocker.  I received some beautiful cards from the boys and some new pyjamas and choccies.  Jayden presented me with a great pot of dirt.  Apparently they didn't put seeds in, just brought us the pot of dirt.  Haha.  Love kinder presents!

Had to take this photo of the boys snuggled up reading.  I often find them like this after dinner.  We have quite a large couch but they all sit right next to each other.  I love they have such a bond between them.  It's a beautiful thing to see. 

In other news, Jayden was mighty proud of his purchase of a Ninjago Lego set which he paid for with all of his pocket money he'd been saving.  Love that they get to feel so good about that.  Learning about money is such a big life skill to master. 

This blog post is all over the place but oh well.  Michael was able to come and watch Jayden swim yesterday and my goodness that boy had stars in his eyes.  Every breath he took while swimming he looked straight up at his Dad.  It was so cute.  

We came home and the boys returned from school and we showed them Sudoku puzzles.  I'd bought a puzzle book from the library but realised it may have been a little too difficult for them.   It was pretty easy to print some off the computer and they quickly mastered it.  Funnily enough, Ethan later had started the difficult one and was doing really well on it, so I think he's got the concept well enough.  I was just happy for them to have a go.  

So, big changes in store and now I have to make sure I'm super organised now that I'll be out of the house 3 days a week.  I think it should all work out just fine though. 


  1. Congratulations on your new job! How exciting!!! Isn't it amazing in your 20's you can stay out all night and drink. I really enjoy low key bbq events now:) Your boys are just so gorgeous! I do look forward to part-time work so I get to do my hair and makeup and wear nice clothes and not end up doing housework all day.