Thursday, May 28, 2015

Our holiday wall...

One of our goals as a family is to travel.  While we know that there is a huge trend in overseas travel our goal at this stage is to show the kids as much of Australia as possible. 

Our holiday goals are simple and suit us taking into consideration our budget and time.  Having 4 children definitely makes the cost of a trip add up really quickly.  When I first started looking into cost I was confident that camping would be the way to go, and even though that will be our method of accommodation for the most part, I was surprised to find that caravan parks now charge extra per child per night now which really boosts the price up!

A few people mentioned that we could camp in national parks or free camp sights, however I think our compromise will be to stay in the usual Big 4 style caravan parks.

One of the reasons is they are they are usually full of fun things for the kids to do, so if we wanted to have a quiet day the kids can still ride bikes, swim and play.  We will also have access to a camp kitchen which will reduce the amount of equipment we need to bring with us.  Oh and the big one...hopefully clean toilets and showers.  I figure camping will be enough effort without those little luxuries.

So, we're hoping to go for a couple of trial weekends away before our first trip to Bermagui.  That will hopefully give us enough practise before our bigger holiday to QLD!

The kids love having it up on the wall so they know what great trips we have planned.  It also makes it easier when I have to say no to something to point to the wall and remind them that we're saving for our holidays!

Do you camp with your family?  Do you have any great tips or advice to share? 


  1. I love this! I'd rather take the children around Australia than overseas. It's important for kids to know their own country. Overseas is better when they are older, I reckon. The Big 4 camping is the way to go. It's got all the facilities (laundry!) and room for your four boys to roam around.

    1. Yes, I agree Zena. I would love to take them OS one day but who knows if that would ever be in our budget as a family of 6? Plus, I read once that it's good for kids to have something to look forward to when they're older so if we travel a fair bit of Australia while they're young they can do all of their overseas travel themselves later! xo