Friday, June 5, 2015

School photos 2015

My handsome boys.  They are so grown up.  It's scary and sometimes I miss my babies but I also love these big boys.   It's completely different and challenging having these unique personalities with their own thoughts, idea, feelings and emotions. Voices.  They're not afraid to share their opinions and while it can push me to my limits at times, I'm glad that they have them and are comfortable enough to express them.

Louis, Grade 4, 9 years old

Dylan, Grade 2, 8 years old

 Ethan, Grade 1, 6 years old

It's now that they're older it really feels like we're raising men.  It's a huge job to try and encourage good values, love and kindness while also pushing them just that little bit out of their comfort zones at times to help develop character.  Making sure it's ok to try and make mistakes.   That it's ok to take well though out risks.  It's ok to be themselves.  It's ok to share their hearts.  It's ok to lead, fairly and consider others. 

Friends are starting to become a lot more important and there seems to be a lot of drama that goes along with that.  I really don't remember that so much when I was a kid.  There is much fighting and friends one day, enemies the next that it's hard to keep up.  It's a new phase that's for sure.  

At the end of the day as long as they know that as a family we'll stick together and always be there for them I think we'll all do alright.  

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