Thursday, June 25, 2015

These boys are a growin'

Excuse the lighting and tired faces but we got carried away taking photos the other night.  These boys are growing so fast we thought we'd document it.  The rate their eating and growing we need to hurry up and get some gardens growing at the block!

Jayden, 5yo, was our biggest born but must take after his Mummy and is a little shorty.  This guy makes up for it in spunk and energy though, that's for sure!

Ethan, 6yo, is another little ball of energy and has both Mum and Dads smarts combined.  Such a clever little thing.  He also has a great sense of humour (and a pretty good temper as well!)

Dylan, 8yo is maybe a little more sensitive than my other boys.  He is so kind and thoughtful and is such a social butterfly.  This boy has a great heart that's for sure. 

Louis, 9yo is fast approaching double digits and doesn't look that far off catching me in height!  This kid is very witty and far more mature than his years.  Perhaps that's a trait of oldest children? He is so bright and very nurturing. 

They all have a way to go to catch up with their Dad!  I'm looking forward to watching them grow and see if anyone overtakes the other!

Love these boys so much.  They have such different personalities and are all teaching me big lessons as a mother and a person.  I'm so lucky I tell you! (In case anyone reads this and thinks we live in a perfect household we most certainly do not.  I lose my patience mostly around dinner and bedtime every night and that is why I often blog when my boys are at school or are asleep.  This way I feel all warm and fuzzy instead of overwhelmed and frustrated! Haha).

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