Saturday, January 8, 2005

Love Story #4: A challenge heading into 1999...

So, what do I remember about being an older teenager.  I wanted to live and love life.  I wanted to cram as much fun as I could into my days.  I enjoyed time to myself but I loved to look forward to social events, holidays, concerts.  I loved the excitement of anticipating some kind of fun or adventure coming up.

So I finished year 12 without a clear idea of where I was heading work wise.  I was working as many shifts as I could at Bakers Delight and madly saving for a my first car.

Michael was continuing his work with Belrose Landscaping.

Finishing year 12 was very exciting.  We had a muck up day where everyone dressed up and celebrated and it was such a relief that it was all done.  I didn't do as well as I could have if I'd applied myself, however I was still proud that I was the first in my family to complete high school.

To celebrate my friends and I had planned a trip to Phillip Island.  There was one really bad downside...Michael was not allowed to go to.  We were both 17, which is a really hard age to finish high school.  You want to be indpendent and treated as an adult, however you are not yet 18.  (That was a really big deciding factor into starting Dylan and Jayden a bit older for Prep.  All the boys will turn 18 in their final year of high school.) 

We didn't want to be apart for New Years Eve, however we didn't really have a choice.  It was really hard.  I found it hard to enjoy the holiday and I ended up with a massive headache for the first day or two. The actual evening of New Years Eve was very ordinary. It was a lot of fun being with my friends, but just not the same without Michael...

Luckily on the 2nd January, my parents drove down to Phillip Island and brought Michael along so we could see each other.  It was so amazing to see each other and I think we both knew that we didn't want that to have to happen again.  We knew his parents had the best of intentions to not allow him to go, however we both eagerly anticipated that magical age of 18 when we felt like we could more easily make our own decisions. 

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