Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Love Story #8: Love continuing to grow...

So life settled down after the excitement of both of us gaining our license.  I bought a Ford Telstar for $4000 and successfully passed my license after taking the test in the country on dirt roads.  Haha.

So we  both worked and dreamed of the day we would be able to live together and share our lives.

We had an amazing (and adventurous) holiday to Apollo Bay camping.

In August, we spent a weekend up at Lou and Yoka's farm at Bonnie Doon and a day up at Mt Buller snowboarding.  So much fun!

In September, I had surgery for my kidney stones.  I have a little extra pocket in my kidney that fills with stones, so they operated and emptied it.  It was painful and not very pleasant.  Very scary waiting to go into surgery on my own.  Of course, 6 months later when they took more x-rays the stones were back.  Why they didn't remove the little pocket at the same time I'll never know.   

In October, Michael left roses in my car while I was at work.  It was such a surprise!  He often did little things for me...a letter or a note.  Also, often if I stayed at his house he would bring in a cup of tea and toast before he left for work.   Such nice thoughtful actions.  He would still bring me a cup of tea today except I don't drink tea anymore! 

On the 8th October we headed for a holiday down to Blairgowrie and stayed at Moody's motel!  It was so funny and not the best accommodation but he had a heap of fun.  It was cold but we had a nice dinner out and it was fun to get away.

The following weekend while Michael was motorbike riding at Bonnie Doon, I had a busy weekend going to the beach surfing, out with my friend Marnie very late and then back to the beach with Robbie the next day.  How on earth did I have so much energy back then? 

Life kept on going with lots of social events and fun to be had.

In November Michael and I headed up to Thornton to go camping with Dad and my Uncle David.  Lots of fun!

In December we headed up to Eildon with Ryan and camped.  We had Dads tinny boat so took that our for some fun.

 Then life changed...big time.

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