Monday, January 24, 2005

Vintage: Finishing up 2002...

We were in for some big changes in the second half of 2002.  Huge really.  I found out that the company I was working for, which was a subsidiary of a much larger IT company was going to be closing.  For a period of time we went through the motions until the business actually closed.

Luckily for me, one of the guys I was working with was lauching his own company and I was able to pick up a bit of work with him.  Also, another trainer organised work for me with his wife and her company.

Earlier, before I was made redundant I had spoken with Michael's brother and we had come up with a great business idea that I was encouraged to have a go at.  Unfortunately, it wasn't really my thing and I just couldn't get going with it.  Working alone when you're really unsure of what you're doing proved to be too big a challenge for me.

Photo's from a wedding we attended...

In amongst all this we were starting to think about our wedding and the dream of buying our own house after all of these years of renting.

We were living on a very small income so saving proved to be really difficult, so it was decided that at the start of 2003 we would move in with my brother and save for our own home.

I stopped working in the city, and started plans of opening a small dance school in Yarra Junction.  I also took part time work back at Bakers Delight.

We were definitely moving on to a new phase of our lives and I have barely any records from this time at all.

I think there were expectations that we would be further along than we were by then and although we were happy, healthy and independent it felt like there was pressure for us to be doing better financially.  All coming from others of course, which at 21 felt much bigger than it would now, writing this at 33 years old.

There is definitely a "more" mentality that I picked up on from my family, where it never felt like what you had was enough, you should be working for the next thing and always bigger and better.  Not very easy to feel content and grateful when that is your mindset.

Anyway, that was where we were at and we were still so happy and in love with each other. 

At the end of the day, I think that was all we really needed...

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