Monday, January 10, 2005

Love Story #6: Michael turns 18...

As much as we were anticipating this day, funnily enough Michael didn't have a big celebration.  I'm not sure why that was now?

The day after he took his license test and passed!

On April 05th my beautiful little niece Kelly Louis made her arrival at 6.46pm.  So exciting!  We babysat Luke. We visited Sharon and Kelly at the hospital and she was so gorgeous.  

On the 15th April he bought his first car!

On that very first night Michael drove up and picked me up.  We went for a drive back down to Chirnside Park and he was breath tested by the police.  Of course he hadn't been drinking but it was such an important lesson.  You can be tested at anytime and it's just never worth the risk. 

He spent the next month picking me up from work and driving here there and everywhere.  Such fun.  We even had a day trip up to Bonnie Doon to the farm. 

On the 24th April we had a day trip down to Sorrento for a picnic lunch.  We bought rolls and salad and made our own food.  It was a beautiful day with not many people around.  We were spending a lot of our evenings watching movies and hanging out.  We were loving it.

As May rolled along I started car shopping with Dad.  Very exciting and tedious at the same time.

On the 2nd May we visited Michaels Oma and Opa Dukker.  We found out Danny and Kylie were expecting their first baby which was very exciting.  

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