Friday, January 7, 2005

Love Story #3: The first months...

As our relationship was growing we were also beginning to make the transition from children to young adults.

I was busy completing year 12, which with all honesty was a struggle.  I knew that I did not want to attend university, so it was difficult to get the work done when I didn't have a focus.  I was also busy working after school and weekends at Bakers Delight. 
Wow, was it nice earning some great money (for a 17 year old) and having some independence.

Michael decided that year 12 wasn't working out for him either, and on Monday 15th July he attended school only to tell the teachers that he was leaving. 
On Tuesday 16th July he began his work as an apprentice Landscape Gardener.  He was working for his Dad and partner Bruce's company Belrose Landscaping. 

We very quickly knew we were in love.  It felt right.  We would spend time together on some weekday afternoons as well as on weekends when we could. 

We didn't argue or fight, we just spent lots of time having fun and laughing.  Hanging out.  Getting to know each other.

It's wasn't always easy for me to trust him, although he was such a great person and deserved to be trusted.  I struggled with low self esteem and feeling good about myself.  I often felt like it was all too good to be true.  It's crazy as I write this now, but really, it was so nice and calm and there was no drama so I figured it would all have to happen at some point.

I'm so glad that it didn't. 

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