Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Vintage: House move number 2

We were young, working and engaged so we felt like it was time to move into a place on our own.  So we did some house hunting and moved into a beautiful double storey unit, still in Bayswater.

We loved having friends over and arranged a fun housewarming cocktail party.  

I don't have many photos for this time in our lives and even the videos seem to have disappeared.  Such a shame...maybe they'll turn up in some random place one day!

I was enjoying work in the city and had taken on a role in student support which tied in with my passion for planning and travel.   In December I arranged for the international students to take a day trip to Phillip Island and have a go at surfing. 

We also loved having our family over for dinners or just a visit.  It's amazing how simple life was back then.  It wasn't about doing anything "Pinterest" worthy, it was all really low key and about enjoying friends and family.  Very casual and fun!

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