Sunday, January 9, 2005

Love Story #5: Early 1999...

The early months of 1999 were spent seeing each other when we could and working.  We daydreamed about our future while browsing real estate magazines. 

Big day out 1999

We babysat our nephew Luke sometimes which was always fun.  That kid was just so cute.

 We cooked dinner together.  We were both just so settled and comfortable.  It was such a fun time.

There was a countdown on as Michael was turning 18 on March 30th.  We were excited planning our first Easter holiday and even a Great Ocean Rd holiday for the long weekend in June.

So much to look forward too!

I was needing to look for full time work and luckily the position of manager came up at Bakers Delight starting the 1st March.  Very exciting!  It sure was a reality check though with both of us working full time.  The energy levels dropped off and real life took over!

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