Thursday, January 6, 2005

Love Story #2: Getting started...

So I wrote that we met at a party. 

It really could have all ended there.  However, I'm the kind of person that can be pretty determined when I want to be.

The next day I had his phone number off a friend.

By Monday I had caught a train with a friend to see if I would bump into him.

By Monday night I had called him up.

We had both been invited to a party on the upcoming Friday night.

He invited me to his house so that we could attend the party together.

Fast forward to Friday and we caught the bus to where he lived.  Somehow, we nervously managed to hold hands on the way home. 

I met his family.

We watched TV. 

We went to the party together and I think it's safe to say we were both pretty happy with the situation of being there together.

We arrived home late that evening and while standing out on the front driveway of his home, we established that we both were looking for a committed relationship.

We were officially "boyfriend and girlfriend".   The clock had ticked over midnight and so our relationship began on Saturday 23rd May 1998, my 17th birthday.

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